Lynnae & Tieler

A rainy, late spring wedding at the grand Masonic Temple of Philadelphia. Lynnae and I went to high school together, so seeing her name come up in my inbox was a fun surprise! She was an absolutely stunning bride and her unique and special venue is one I'll never forget. Check out this beautiful place of worship! It was a gloomy and pouring rain kinda day, so we got creative and never left the building! Definitely out of my comfort zone, but this proved that absolutely anything can be dreamy and beautiful. There is no "right" or "perfect" day or setting for a wedding. It's really all about people. 

Something that I'll never forget from this wedding day is how fiercely Lynnae and Teiler's family and friends love them. The bonds and sweet relationships that I had the joy of witnessing that day were beautiful and inspiring.

Laura Briggs